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UNTI LEGAL can provide on-site interpreting or telephonic interpreting services to accommodate your individual assignment needs. With over 200 languages to choose from for any situation, from interpersonal meetings, to large conferences, to regularly scheduled events or last-minute emergencies, our dedicated staff matches your needs with the right interpreter or translator. UNTI LEGAL’s language professionals have native-speaking ability and therefore can more accurately convey messages in cultural context. Our interpreters are experienced in all methods of interpreting, and are defined for you below.

Consecutive interpretation occurs when an interpreter communicates words after the speaker has completed his/her statement. This method of interpreting is most often used in legal, medical and business proceedings.

Simultaneous interpretation, also known as “conference” interpretation, this occurs when a person’s words are interpreted in “real time” or simultaneously as the speaker is making the statement. This method of interpreting is essential for bilingual/multilingual conferences with medium to large groups in attendance. In addition to providing experienced simultaneous interpreters, UNTI LEGAL can provide state-of-the-art audio equipment for all conferences.

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With the growing diversity in the work place, the need to provide written translation of documents or policies and the use of interpreters in a medical setting, is no longer an option in today’s Healthcare industry. UNTI LEGAL provides qualified interpreters for all your medical translation and interpretation needs. We provide interpreters for IME’s, CME’s and all other medical appointments.

As industry becomes more globalized, the need for qualified interpreters in our every-day transactions increases. At UNTI LEGAL, we’ll provide you with quality telephonic interpreting services. Our interpreters can appear by phone or in-person to translate for any telephonic interpreting need you may have. Some phone interpreters can be connected in as little as 10 minutes or less! Call us now for details!

UNTI LEGAL has over 30 years of experience with depositions. You can always trust UNTI LEGAL to handle all your interpreting needs with detailed accuracy. We back our interpreters with Error and Omissions insurance and liability insurance policies so our clients are fully protected.

If your case goes to trial, you can count on UNTI LEGAL to provide you with a court-certified interpreter.

UNTI LEGAL is experienced and equipped to interpret any size conference or convention. We can even provide state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment to meet all your conference needs.

Doing business or conducting everyday activities in a foreign language requires dedicated professionals to handle your business with confidentiality. We can provide interpreters for all of your personal medical, legal, and business transactions. Our qualified professionals can expedite your written transactions by translating letters, legal documents, INS filings, Social Security, passports, birth certificates and more. You can have peace of mind knowing that all of our translators are qualified in their respective language and will treat your personal business with the upmost professionalism. Perhaps you have need of telephonic interpreting services? UNTI LEGAL can provide that as well, sometimes, in less than 10 minutes! Call or email us NOW for more information.

If you have a case in the United States Federal Court System, UNTI LEGAL will provide professionals that are experienced and certified to work in the federal court system.

All of UNTI LEGAL interpreters are discrete and compassionate. These skills are necessary when interpreting for medical examinations. Our interpreters know how to use first-person interpretation and proper positioning to support direct communication between the patient and their medical provider. We provide qualified interpreters for any CME, IME, and all other medical appointments.

UNTI LEGAL is equipped with state-of-the-art audio/video equipment for your conferences. We can also provide telephonic interpreting services for conference calls. For some languages, in less than 10 minutes! Perhaps you have a more obscure language or know in advance you will need a telephonic interpreting services, call our office now and let us handle any and all of your conference needs.

UNTI LEGAL experts are experienced in this method of interpretation, most commonly used in conferences with medium to large groups in attendance. This type of service is essential for bi-lingual/multi-lingual conferences.

Our professionals all recognize and understand the importance of accuracy during a preliminary examination and perform to all of the court’s requirements. UNTI LEGAL will provide qualified, experienced interpreters for your hearing.

UNTI LEGAL understands the unique challenges that sign language interpreting requires as it demands both physical and mental endurance when translating for a long period of time. Sign language interpreting is physically taxing on the interpreter due to the repetitive motions it requires to interpret, and research shows that even the best sign language interpreter can become less efficient after several hours of interpreting. That’s why UNTI LEGAL will provide two qualified sign language interpreters, AT NO EXTRA COST TO OUR CLIENT, when an assignment is longer than one hour. This is to ensure that the message is interpreted accurately for the length of your assignment. UNTI LEGAL can provide both American and Spanish sign language interpreters for all your language needs.

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Every industry has different needs for interpreting expertise. We are able to meet each and every one of your interpreting and translating needs. Let UNTI LEGAL remove barriers for you or your company.