UNTI LEGAL offers Court Reporting Services. UNTI LEGAL has a team of experienced and knowledgeable court reporters who are highly qualified. Professional court reporters and legal videographers are all focused on capturing the spoken word and UNTI LEGAL is committed to providing you with the most highly qualified Court Reporters and Legal Videographers.

Established in 1982, UNTI LEGAL has grown from a few interpreters and translators to hundreds of certified language professionals nationwide specializing in over 200 languages.

UNTI LEGAL focuses on developing a personal relationship with each client, by anticipating and accommodating their individual needs. UNTI LEGAL understands each client has unique needs, sometimes for each assignment, and our staff of dedicated professionals strive to meet those needs in a prompt and efficient manner.

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At UNTI LEGAL, we have spent over 35 years handling a variety of requests for interpreting assignments and written translation projects. We maintain a network of professionally trained and certified interpreters and translators that are experienced in resolving language barriers. Whether your request requires experience in the legal, medical, technical or commercial arena, we meet your need by providing quick and accurate service.

UNTI LEGAL is continuing to expand its network of certified professionals each year, so that it can successfully meet the growing demand in this diverse marketplace.